WEF names Oman one of the world’s safest destinations

What do you seek out when deciding on your next holiday spot? Culture? Beaches? Food? Friendly locals? Oman has all of that and so much more, but it has also been named one of the safest destinations in the world for travellers.

For the past 11 years in its biennial report, the World Economic Forum, based in Geneva, has ranked 136 countries on a number of factors – everything from international openness to transport infrastructure and environmental sustainability – that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector. In 2017, Oman was ranked fourth overall for safety and security, a category that takes into account risks like violence and terrorism.

While many travellers perceive countries in the Middle East to be risky, that’s far from the truth. To put it in perspective, while Oman was ranked fourth, Australia came in at twenty-second. Other popular destinations for local travellers, the USA and UK, ranked 84 and 78 respectively. Finland came in at number one.


Oman offers travellers access to a completely different style of travel. From stunning landscapes to vibrant cities combining the ancient world with the modern one, there is a huge variety of attractions. Whether searching out relaxation and escape or arts and culture, you’ll find it all here.

Venture to the remote Musandam Peninsula, where travelling by dhow (a traditional boat) is the best way to view towering cliffs erupting from the sea. In the south, the annual khareef (monsoon) transforms the landscape from desert to lush oasis with seasonal waterfalls. Here, the beaches are pristine and the sea teeming with life. The Al Hajar Mountains, rising to 3000 metres above sea level, boast amazing scenery, orchards growing pomegranates and stone fruit, and two luxury hotels. The capital Muscat is a port city, where walks along the seafront can be interspersed with bartering in the Muttrah souk, boat cruises to observe dolphins and visits to the remarkable Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

Camping on Bimmah beach

Whether for a week or a month, Oman is a destination that offers so much in an environment that is one of the safest in the world.