The Adventure of a Lifetime

Take to the water, explore magnificent mountain ranges and get the adrenaline pumping on a dune adventure. For those who are wild at heart, Oman is a destination with so much to offer.

Omani Adventure 4WD
Twilight in the Sharqiah Sands

From the top of the dune all you can see is a sea of sand. It just keeps going, until it reaches the horizon. You close the doors of the 4WD and the next minute it’s as if you’re riding a rollercoaster – one second stomach in mouth as you plunge down the steep slope, the next sliding back in the seat as the car heads upwards once more. Dune bashing is just one of the thrilling adventures offered in Oman’s desert that will get your adrenaline pumping.

You may not think of this country, with its rich and fascinating culture and history, as a destination for adventurers, but for thrills of all types – from mountaintop to deep, blue ocean – Oman is hard to beat.

DW09_1701 - Copy
Mountain-biking in the Hajar Mountains

Take to mountain bikes to explore trails winding through villages and palm groves, put your climbing gear on and head to some of the more than 160 graded ascents (there’s something for all skill levels), or head to Masirah Island where the conditions are perfect all year round for kitesurfers.

In the far north of Oman is the Musandam Peninsula, an isolated part of the world best known for its unique landscape, where sheer cliffs erupt from the pristine ocean. The best way to see this part of the country is from a boat. Relax on the deck while watching for dolphins swimming nearby. You can also glide through the calm, marine-rich waters in a kayak or strap on a tank and go diving. This area is well known for its huge population of turtles.

Day5_Musandam_Dolphins (1 of 4) - Copy
Dolphin watching - Musandam Peninsula

Take to the sand dunes, mountains and oceans of Oman when you visit. Head to the Travel Ideas section of our website for inspiration, and open the doors to adventures you’ll never forget.