Omani cuisine reflects our rich ethnic and tribal mix. Our chefs blend flavours from the Arabian and Indian subcontinents in dishes such as grilled mishkak kebabs, shuwwa and harees.



Traditionally, Omani families entertain at home rather than in restaurants, but our hotel scene is expanding, and with it, our restaurant culture.

Many hotels serve international cuisine, but if you would like to try something more authentically Omani, look out for qabooli (a hearty dish of rice, nuts, raisins and mutton or beef), harees (meat stew, thickened with wheat) and shuwa (tender, lightly spiced, slow-roasted meat).

Our classic sweet delicacies are dates and halwa, a soft blend of sugar, semolina, ghee, saffron, almonds and fragrant rosewater. Both go perfectly with khawa. This is an aromatic black coffee, flavoured with cardamom and poured from a metal coffeepot into beakers (finjan), as a sign of hospitality. It is always polite to accept. When you have finished, just shake your cup gently, saying Bas, shukran (Enough, thank you).



  • Al Bustan Palace, Muscat.
    One of the finest places in Oman for fresh, locally-caught fish and seafood – and you can enjoy it right beside the sea, under the stars.
    Call +968 2479 9666  / www.ritzcarlton.com
  • Bin Ateeq.
    Reassuringly authentic, with majlis cushions on the floor, khanjar daggers on the walls and harees on the menu. Branches in Muscat, Salalah and Nizwa.
  • The Chedi Muscat.
    This stylish hotel’s award-winning restaurant offers Omani, Asian and international cuisine in serene surroundings which ooze modern-Arabian chic.
    Call +968 2452 4400 / www.ghmhotels.com
  • Kargeen Caffé.
    Popular with expats and locals, this laid-back Muscat restaurant serves Omani grills and Italian dishes in a lantern-lit garden and shisha lounge. Madinat al Sultan Qaboos Plaza.
    Call +968 2469 2269  / www.kargeencaffe.com
  • Mumtaz Mahal, Qurum.
    One of Muscat’s best Indian restaurants, with excellent cooking and sweeping views. For a theatrical finish, order a Snake Coffee, flavoured with flambéed orange peel.
    Call +968 2460 4907 / www.mumtazmahal.net
  • Opera Galleria, Muscat.
    The complex adjoining Muscat’s beautifully designed Royal Opera House houses cafés and fine dining restaurants with an international flavour.
  • Slider Station.
    This industrial chic restaurant specializes in gourmet and classic sliders and burgers as well as a wide range of American grills, tapas and salads. Call +968 2469 8990 / www.sliderstation.com/oman
  • Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa.
    This impressive resort has several restaurants – choose between Arabian, Moroccan, Italian, Lebanese, Asian or traditional Omani seafood. Barr al Jissah, Muscat.
    Call +968 2477 6666 / www.shangri-la.com
  • Tokyo Taro Restaurant
    Enjoy authentic Japanese food with a Tepanyaki counter and a variety of sushi, sashimi and tempura.
    Call +968 2470 2311 / www.omanhotels.com/alfalaj