As part of Oman's commitment to responsible, sustainable tourism, the country takes great care to conserve the superb habitats and geological features which make our landscapes unique. Pack your swimwear, boots and binoculars, and prepare to be amazed.



You have no doubt heard of our cities, mosques and souqs, but have you discovered our secret beaches and islands, explored our luxuriant oases or climbed our jagged mountains? Have you hiked along a shady wadi or camped out among our dunes?

Oman’s nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries protect important coastal and desert habitats totalling almost 30,000 square km. The sheer diversity of our landscapes will astonish and inspire you.

Oman’s location in the northern reaches of the Indian Ocean makes our coastal waters a haven for dolphins, whales and birds. Close to the coast, our coral gardens teem with colourful fish. Our protected coves are crucial breeding grounds for endangered marine turtles. And our mountains and deserts are home to rare land mammals including wild goats, sand cats, Nubian ibex and Arabian oryx, an icon of the Gulf.

Our natural heritage is extraordinarily precious. It is our privilege to share it with you.